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Does Auto Insurance Help If You Are a Victim of a Hit and Run Accident?

Unfortunately, the news about a hit and run is on the radar every so often. A pedestrian or a car driver is hit by a vehicle and the driver responsible for the accident speeds off without owning up to his actions by checking on the victims and providing his or her contact info to police.

What defines a hit and run accident?

A hit and run incident occurs when one driver crashes into a person or a car and intentionally drives on in order to avoid prosecution or accountability for resulting death, injury and/or damages.

Should you become victimized in a hit and run event, never pursue the fleeing car. You might find yourself in a road rage incident or the like. Leave the chasing to the cops who are trained in this type of thing. What you should do immediately following the crash is to alert the law enforcers.

For your best interest sake, gather as much information as you can about the event. This will help police catch the driver who collided into you. It will also add to the chances of your submitted insurance claim be processed to your advantage.
Here is what the insurance underwriters tell victims of hit and run accidents to do.

As said, the more information you gather about the case, the more chances of it ending to your benefit.

Tell authorities about facts by providing the following:

• The make and model of the other car or vehicle
• The license plate number of the other car
• How to get in touch with people who witnessed the accident
• The time and place when and where the accident occurred
• Images taken of your car immediately following the collision. (leftover paint of the other car on your vehicle will assist authorities in locating the other driver and pinning charges as it will help the insurance company determine a good outcome for your claim)
• Physician’s report about any injuries you or your passengers incurred as a result of the accident

If the driver who slammed into you and drove off without accepting liability is caught, you can submit an auto claim directly to his or her insurance company. But, should the other driver happen to be with insufficient insurance coverage or no coverage at all, you might want to resort to an attorney’s services.

Another avenue to pursue is your own insurance coverage. If the hit and run driver does not have proper insurance to cover your losses, you can file a claim with your insurance company. States differ in policy as far as the claims process goes, so you’ll have to do the research. Generally speaking, if you have uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage, you will be covered for medical bills and if you have uninsured motorist property damage insurance, you will be covered for related auto repair work.

Though there are various US states that do not cover you with these forms of insurance, they should cover you if you have personal injury protection coverage as well as medical payments insurance and collision coverage.

Talent Acquisition a Click Away

Talent acquisition has developed over the years. From posting of open positions outside the office building, to the use of newspaper ads, to online job portals and the use of social media. Application has changed as well from walk-in application to online application, even interviews can be done face-to-face through video call. Distance is no longer an issue when it comes to processing an application. Technology has played a big role in the changes impacting talent acquisition.

Searching for the perfect fit is now easier thanks to artificial intelligence. Talents can be searched from a database and job matching can be done in one click. Everything is now available at the tip of one’s fingers. An employer can just click and post an opening through different job portals. A candidate can just click and apply for a position. One click and you’re done with the application. Even without actively looking for a new job, a potential candidate can be sourced through social media accounts like LinkedIn.

Let’s take a closer look at online job portals. These portals are helpful for both employers and candidates. Employers can easily post an open position, provide all the necessary information – job description, requirements and expectations, and indicate a timeline for filling-in the position. The job posting will automatically close by the time indicated in the timeline. Employers can post specific questions to potential applicants when applying. They can also put some filters that can help them funnel the applicants. Employers can immediately view profiles of applicants through the job portal. No need to contact the applicant and wait for the applicant to submit a resume. Use of online job portals is also a way of advertising the company to potential employees. Information about the company, its core values and benefits can be posted on the job portal. It can attract potential employees to apply to the company.

Candidates can easily look for a job using online job portals. Job portals provide recommendations where a list of relevant jobs based on the candidate’s profile and previous applications are displayed. Once an attractive position and company shows up, candidate can just click to apply. Profiles can be easily updated to highlight skills and experience. Application can be done to multiple companies and positions. Job portals also do suggestions wherein after successfully applying it will provide a list of other open positions that are similar to the one that the candidate has applied for. The candidate can filter the open positions by location, salary and other relevant criteria. Job portals are also easy to use, updating applicant profile is just like updating a social media profile.

Truly, talent acquisition has never been easier and exciting than today. With all the tools readily available, recruitment is as easy as 1-2-3. Job application is as quick as adding a friend in social media. With all the data readily available, they can be used to study trends and do forecasting. More improvements to talent acquisition are predicted in the future if we continue with the current trend we have today.

Weight Loss – Three Mistakes Many Beginners Make When Dieting

Have you chosen to make some dramatic lifestyle modifications? Would you consider yourself a beginner at following a weight loss plan? If so, it is important you can identify some of the most common mistakes many beginners make when they first start out with their diet. Sadly, some of these mistakes can cost them their success, leading them to toss in the towel and just give up their plan of losing weight altogether.

Steer clear of these, and you will be off to a better path…

Mistake No. 1: Not Learning How To Count Calories And Macros. The first and the most prominent mistake you could make is not counting calories or macronutrients (macros) at all. Yes, it can feel like a drag sometimes, but if you want to ensure you are going to see optimal results, it is worth it to spend some time counting calories and macros.

Counting calories and macros gives you a much better idea of exactly how much you are taking in and, as a result, will allow you to ensure you are not going over your target number each day. If you do go over your daily target, you will not see your desired results, plain and simple.

Mistake No. 2: Too Much, Too Soon. Another issue is the “too much, too soon” error. People think they can overhaul their diet plan entirely, adopting a whole new strategy. Usually, this backfires. Our eating habits are primarily engraved in our behavior patterns, so if we make too many adjustments at once, it just leads to us giving up.

Start small; one change here or there. If you do this then over time, it will add up to more significant results.

Mistake No. 3: Being Too Strict. The last mistake often made is being overly strict. If you never allow yourself some of the foods you enjoy, eventually your body is going to rebel. You are going to be faced with not having any enjoyment with your food choices, and for most people, that is just too much.

Find a way to make a compromise: 90% of the time you eat healthily and 10% of the time you can have a bit more fun with your food. That will be the best route to success.

Keep these points in mind and do your very best to side-step any issues that may throw you off your diet altogether. Before making any final decision about your ideal body weight, consult your doctor or dietitian. If you have been overweight for many years, a realistic body weight might be higher than the BMI recommendations.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.