Cost to Build – Five Benefits of Adding Architectural Services to Home Building & Remodeling Costs

Let’s be real here. No one likes to add costs to an already expensive proposition. And home building and remodeling can certainly get expensive.

But a closer look at an all-to-often overlooked professional service should shed some light on the subject and make the 2 – 5% extra expenditure worth it for you. Architects and residential designers add more than just preparing plans.

A LocalBuilding Authority Requirement?

In many real estate markets, the local building department will require the use of a locally licensed architect, residential designer, or at least a structural engineer. So, before you buy any house plans or design your own, be sure to check this out. I’ve run across a lot of instances where people have spent money or time preparing plans just to find out they are useless.

There are some good reasons why your building authority would have this requirement. Perhaps you are in a hurricane or other wind-load area. Seismic considerations are big in some areas. Using locally trained and licensed architects makes it easier for the building authority to monitor and achieve compliance.

Five Personal Benefits of Having Plans Professionally Prepared

Whether building from scratch or adding on to your home, there are some valuable benefits I’d like you to be aware of before you forge ahead. A good home designer can save you money, time, and headaches.

Consider the following advantages:

1) Aids in Planning & Preparations.

Working closely with your architect requires that many decisions are made early in the preparation stages. Design and structural issues are not left to the contractors or left to interpretation later on. This is very liberating for you! It avoids unwanted issues during construction.

2) Complies With Building Codes.

Many home owner builders dread the thought of complying with code requirements. Using these professionals will minimize or eliminate the fear of long delays in trying to get your plans approved. You can focus on more important things … like what you want!

3) Identifies Materials Choices Early.

Hundreds of materials choices can be involved when building a home. Putting off these choices till later can be confusing as well as budget busters. The architect, when working closely with you, can help you make these choices early and put your mind at ease.

4) Provides Unique Customization.

Do you want your home to be unique? Of course. Experienced home designers can provide this uniqueness while complying with codes and the requirements of Home Owners Associations. And they are also especially useful in helping you match any new additions to your existing home in your remodel.

5) Allows for Use of HomeBuilding Coach.

A surprising benefit of using an architect is the fact that many people may not need a General Contractor. Architects can often act as your home building coach especially if they have trade contractor connections. Whether you use your architect as your coach or another building professional, the fact remains that a good architect will help you prepare far better than you otherwise could without one.

Saving Money & Reducing Stress

Ultimately, the biggest benefit could be that using an architect could end up being a money saver rather than an extra expense. Avoiding delays during construction, solving problems before they arise, and reducing stress all add up to compelling reasons to seek out a good home designer for your project.

Hidden Franchise Construction Costs

The build-out construction process is often the most challenging component of any franchise startup. Blending design decisions, city review, landlord issues and financial concerns, the project culminates with the added stress of final details before the doors open for the franchise. Often if business owners had a mulligan, they would go back and rethink the actual costs in building out the demised space. Hidden franchise construction costs lurk behind each build-out, which after the lease is inked, become the responsibility of the unaware tenant.

One of the most important aspects of site evaluation is understanding the physical condition of the tenant space and how it relates to the franchisee use. A “standard” vanilla box condition, negotiated in most leases, may leave the incoming tenant with many required upgrades not known when the lease is signed. These are often facilitated by code requirements, poor condition of existing construction or design requirements brought to the project by the franchisee.

Consider the following brief list of common potential hidden costs:

A. New or reworked fire suppression system.

B. Additional egress requirements.

C. HVAC system modifications.

D. Demising wall fire rating.

E. Electrical service entrance adequacy.

F. ADA modifications.

G. Asbestos or hazardous material abatement.

H. Water or gas service size deficiency.

I. Additional toilet rooms required.

J. Fresh makeup air requirements or exhaust systems.

K. In-wall blocking, sound attenuation insulation needs.

L. Underground plumbing, fixture requirements, drinking fountains, mop sink, floor drains, etc.

M. Floor prep, waterproofing membrane requirements.

N. Health department finish requirements beyond Vanilla Box specifications.

O. Fire alarm systems.

P. Required use of Landlord’s roofing contractor for warranty.

Q. Adequacy of storefront construction, location of doors, glass areas, energy efficiency, etc.

R. Location of landlord provided work not compatible with plans.

S. Adequacy of site to stage construction, parking, dumpsters, deliveries, etc.

T. Excessive building permit fees, bonds, insurance costs.

U. Stringent landlord required construction site policies and procedures.

V. Union labor requirements or landlord contractor use requirements.

W. Tap fees for utility connections.

X. Hidden or unforeseen conditions in walls or under floor slab.

Y. Complexity of demolition activities – removal of debris from jobsite.

Z. Additional emergency / exit lights required by building department.

The list stretches from A to Z. The best advice is to know the physical attributes of the space you are leasing. It may have a profound effect on your decision when you are considering various locations. Combining various expertise at the outset can be very beneficial: a general contractor for demised space review, a financial planner for business plan review, a real estate agent for site review and a real estate attorney for lease review. Directing a bright light at these hidden issues before you commit can make all the difference.

Dropship Hair Extensions – Creating a Unique Beauty Business Niche

Dropshipping your hair extensions business is quite so easy and lucrative, and you enjoy shipping of the products directly to your premises. It gives you a chance to order stocks in large quantities as well as low quantity directly from the warehouse. Doing this has some great benefits. The benefits include five aspects:

No startup cost

Starting a variable hair business is quite expenses, but with dropping, you can start an online business at a little price. You just need to rely on reliable wholesalers for a high-quality hair. Dropshipping gives you the power to pay as you receive. It means you only pay for the pieces of hair you receive. It gives you the ability to start your business in a small space.

Shipping is handled

When it comes to Dropshipping, they control the shipping process for you, and you just need to pay for the serves and wait for the products to arrive at your premises. Different online sites give you the ability to join their drop shipping membership sites that offer you added benefits like tracking your orders.

Saves Time

Dropship hair extensions save you lots of time since you don’t have to spend a lot of time packing orders for the clients. Most of the hair comes packed. Since your products are packed and it’s just distributing it gives you time to market your brand and focusing on getting more clients.

Launch Faster

Dropshipping hair extensions is one way of launching your hair brand faster and within a short time. It’s a way of attracting your customers since you have all the details needed for the product. Most of the companies give you hundred of styles used by salon owners, celebrities, and even hair business owners making it easy to market your hair.

Unlimited Hair Inventory

Dropshipping gives you an opportunity to choose from different inventory like wigs, virgin hairs, hair extensions and other hair trends. And the advantage of working with hair extensions is that you can get your product without having to worry about their safety and having to choose the best to make you profit. The power to select unique products lays purely your taste and preferences and that of your clients.