Choices After Opting for an AME Career in the Mechanical Stream

The AME mechanical stream is an older branch which is extremely broad and diverse. The career in such a stream is not only related to design but responsible for maintaining, testing, and manufacturing as well. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course is a three-year programme where the aspirants have to learn the programme that is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Moreover, these Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses are pursued by the institutes that are approved by DGCA.

The career as an AME mechanical stream is rewarding and focus. Once entered there, the aspirants would get an opportunity to avail the boundless opportunity.

An aircraft mechanic is responsible for replacing, repairing and maintaining the aircraft components and parts. Not only this, he or she is also capable of doing maintenance and functional checks on numerous aircraft maintenance. They can easily check pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems.

What are the Job Opportunities after AME in the Mechanical stream?

There are many career choices once complete a mechanical stream in AME. Some of the job opportunities include engineers in:

Air Force
Aviation Companies
Helicopter Companies
Corporate Research Companies
Defence Ministry
Flying clubs/academies
Private airlines
Aviation corporations
Engineering division of aviation sector
Aircraft manufacturing firms
Aeronautical Development Establishment
NASA and many others.
The hiking up air travel and space exploration demands expert to maintain and repair aircraft. The increasing height of this industry increases the demand for AME Colleges.
Aerospace Engineering demand has been increasing immensely in existence. Some of the top companies offering the job opportunity include Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Air India, India Space Research Organization (ISRO), Civil Aviation Department, and Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO).

What is job description expected from an AME mechanical engineer?

The job description expected from the AME mechanical engineer includes design, research, repair, and maintenance of spacecraft, and aircraft. Moreover, the following duties are expected:

Assembling and analyzing test data.
Analyzing the project cost and timescales.
Indulging in ground-level flight testing
Thorough look at all parts which needs regular repair
What are salary expectations?
Once done an AME mechanical course from the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in Delhi, the aspirants will be eligible to earn INR 40000-50000 a month as their starting salary. The maximum salary expected in this field ranges from 15-20 lac per annum.

Home Construction Financing

Although having the exact home you want is an outstanding benefit, financing home construction can be a different matter. If you’re working with a custom builder, you will need to assume something known as a “construction loan”. This is the loan that pays off the builder while they build your home. Construction loans are typically short term loans that pack a higher interest rate than your traditional mortgage.

If you’re purchasing a starter home, this might thankfully not apply to you. Builders of “starter homes” understand that a lot of their potential buyers are not able to qualify for a high rate construction loan nor do they understand or care to acquire a short term loan then a long term loan. For this reason, entry-level homes are frequently financed by the builder or else the builder merely builds the homes out of pocket, handling the lot and all of the construction costs of the house. If this is the case with your builder, you will need nothing more than a traditional loan.

If it does turn out that you will require home construction financing, it definitely pays to browse around for best rates and lender with which to obtain one. As construction loans are generally fixed at a higher rate than conventional home loans, you’ll want to pay off the construction loan as promptly as possible.

Some banks will offer you a package deal called a “combination c and p” loan with just one set of closing costs. This makes up both a construction loan and a conventional mortgage loan wrapped up in to one. A combination C&P loan will save you time and hassle in the long run.

Traditionally, a construction loan works as follows. You apply through a lender for a construction loan secured by the home that is being built. Because the home is not yet built, the lender is taking on additional risk by financing you and this will be reflected in your rates.

As the house is constructed, the builder will ask for a “draw” or percentage of the cost based upon the level of completion of the home. This will come about at several stages during the construction of your new home. The bank that’s financing your construction loan will compensate the builder for these draws and construction will progress to the next stage.

Around thirty days prior to the home being completed, you will want to apply for a traditional mortgage subject to the house being complete. This way, the construction loan is paid back and the permanent financing is put in place as quickly as possible after the house is built.

Air Travel: Are the Labor Pains Worth It?

Hello all you wonderful people out there. Have any of you read my previous article on how wonderful it is to fly from point A to point B? Did you think, “Is this woman out of her mind? Does anybody really enjoy going to the airport three hours before flight departure? Does anybody really think flying for eight or more hours is fun?”.

Upon rereading my article I, too, actually began to wonder about my sanity. Then it came to me: flying is kind of like giving birth to a baby. We suffer excruciating pain; we scream; we hate what’s happening; we say, “Never again”. Then that new born baby in our arms wipes away all memory of what preceded its birth. Call it nature’s way of looking after us. A year later, there we are again, going through the same thing.

I admit it. I, too, hate getting up in the middle of the night to get to the airport. So what makes it all so endurable? I guess the answer to that is – for one thing – the service before, during, and after the flight. By the time the airplane lands my mind is on my immediate destination. All the inconveniences are behind me. I thank the crew from the bottom of my heart for making the uncomfortable comfortable, the unbearable bearable.

Finally, just knowing that someone is waiting for me gives me a warm feeling. Family members and friends who have taken the time to be there for me are the same as that little baby in my arms. They make it all worthwhile. The discomforts of the trip seem to evaporate into thin air. Make love, not war!!!